Ron-Seng Group Products

Corrugated Carton Boxes
Corrugated Fibreboard Cartons of EF, BF, AF, ABF, AAAF, BAAF & BBAF fluting types.

All kinds of corrugated carton products to suit all your needs.

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Paper Pallet
Corrugated fibreboard pallets are ideal replacements for wooden pallets where weight, safety, recyclability, environment friendly, handling, costs or import and export restrictions are a concern.

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Paper Tubes / Cores
Paper Tubes - Diameter ranging from 12mm to 125mm and the thickness between 2mm to 15mm. Inner and outer tubing with colour labels are also available

Paper Cores - Diameter ranging from 152mm to 584mm and thickness size between 4mm to 20mm.

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Paper Bags
Kraft paper can be used to produce various type of containers and components for various packaging functions which require strong and tear-resistant qualities.

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Non-Carbon Paper / NCR
White, Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow. We manufacturer customised sizes.

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Adhesive Tapes
Masking Tape, Gummed Paper Tape, Siliconised Kraft Paper Tape, Cellulose Tape and Stationery Tape, Cloth Tape, Double Sided Coated Tape, Hard PVC Tape, BOPP Tape

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Emulsion Polymer
Paints, Textiles, Textured Coatings, Water Proofing.

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Carton Boxes, Paper Tubes & Bags Non-Carbon Paper (NCR) Adhesive Tapes

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