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Founded in 1982 and Ron-Seng Paper Products Sdn Bhd is able to manufacture various sizes dimensions and types of corrugated fibre-board cartons with multiple standard printing directly from jumbo paper rolls up to seven fold of corrugated cartons that can provides extra strength and cushioning effect required for a wide assortment of goods from delicate electronics items to heavy duty application and also with off-set printing. Cartons or boxes with off-set printing had the advantage of colors which make excellent packaging option for shelf items creating maximum visual impact.

In addition to the corrugated cartons / boxes Ron-Seng Paper Products Sdn Bhd not only able to produce standard paper cores / tubes with and without printing but also giant jumbo core and corrugated fibre-board pallets.

Ron-Seng Paper Products Sdn Bhd has a steady proven track records and stable earning and also has achieved a very high productivity in maximizing its plant capacity compared to many other players in the same industry.

Over the years Ron-Seng Paper Products Sdn Bhd has expanded its operations significantly through product quality and customer satisfaction and services. Ron-Seng Group of Companies have grown to become the leading player in all kind of self adhesive tapes and self copy paper / carbonless paper / NCR.

Ron-Seng Group of Companies is geared constantly developing partnership with customers. Therefore the company's mission to the customers are:-

Integrity, Reliability & Consistency

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Carton Boxes, Paper Tubes & Bags Non-Carbon Paper (NCR) Adhesive Tapes

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